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function wantMyName(thisIsName)
//👆 Click

let firstName = thisIsName.split(' ')[0];
let lastName = thisIsName.split(' ')[1];
_fullName = firstName.split('').reverse().join([' ', lastName]);
_fullName = (_fullName === undefined) ? '' : _fullName;
return '\(#_0)/'+_fullName+' Yah! that\'s me.(My Username for all social media is @' + firstName.reverse().toLowerCase() + 'agsrwal).';
//Click 👆 Again

wantMyName('tarahB Agarwal');

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This Website is built as a simple profile and to demonstrate a little about me. I'm a BE-CSE Student at Chandigarh University. I love to Develop and Destroy. Playing with and their Security is my passion. Usually I love to make new new things. I am an Full Stack Developer in and Node.js, Progressive Web Apps, Mobile Application Development in Flutter[Google's Mobile SDK], And an Web-App Pentester, and now currently working on Node.js and Frameworks, Bharat Agarwal popularly known as [bharatagsrwal].

More About ME:-
  -> Secured 2nd Position at Appathon at TechInvent-19 Chandigarh University.
  -> Co-Lead and Technical Speaker at Developer Student Clubs Chandigarh University.
  -> Lead at CyberSec Club Chandigarh University
  -> Technical Speaker at Facebook Developer Circles, Chandigarh
  -> Team Member at Google Developers Group, Jalandhar
  -> Eager to learn more and more.
  -> Intrigued by programming.
  -> Self Learner and self Motivated.
  -> Love to Contribute to Opensource.

I couldn't spare money to arrange devotees to spread good words about me. So I made it myself. Thanks for your time 😀

You can reach me out at: [[email protected]] .

Let's .

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01. Sending Push Notifications using Javascript and Firebase.
02. Functions in Javascript.
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